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with the MoMo API. Add a new revenue stream to your business while giving your customers more options. Use the MoMo API to integrate a range of products for fintech, e-commerce, payments and collections.

Develop these products with the MoMo APIs

Tutorials: How to do the integrations

MoMo API: Introduction

MoMo API: Creating sandbox user

MoMo API: Generating APIKey

MoMo API: RequestToPay

MoMo API: Getting transaction status and account balance

MoMo API: Checking user status


We use MoMo to pay salaries and suppliers because it’s fast and straightforward. The fact that our clients can also use MoMo to make payments on site has made doing business easier

Buyinza Kabakubya CEO of Appabout

We have seamlessly integrated the remittance model of the API so funds can be disbursed without manual intervention The reliability and uptime of the MoMo API has enabled us to provide our beneficiaries and partners with top quality service

Business Owner CYST Company Limited

The Remittance module of the MoMo API has enabled us to seamlessly disburse funds without any manual intervention. The reliability and uptime of the API enables us to provide top quality services to both our beneficiaries and partners

ICT Officer Madison General Insurance